Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Holly Jolly Holiday Tag

Whoops. Sorry for not blogging in what feels like forever, but life happens I guess. When I say 'life', I really mean my lack of a life due to the fact I had my mock exams last week, and I have more after Christmas. Yay, revision.

I do enjoy doing tags and answering fun little questions like these. Technically, I haven't been tagged, but why should that stop me? I felt it was the best way to start all my posts for December! I hope on posting every day up until Christmas, but we will see. 

Do you start Christmas shopping early or leave it to the last minute? 
In terms of getting gifts for my friends, I get them pretty early because we give each other our presents at the end of the school term. For my family I usually get these pretty last minute! 

If you could be in any Christmas film what would it be? 
I don't watch a lot of Christmas films, but any of the Santa Claus films or Authur Christmas would be pretty cool.

Which do you like better: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? 
Instinctively I would have said Christmas Day, but thinking about it, the build up to Christmas is almost the best bit! Also, we usually stay over at our relatives (or vice versa) from Christmas Eve, so I really can't decide!

When does your family put up the tree and who decorates it? 
We usually get our tree on either the first or second weekend of December, depending when the dates fall. Generally my brother and I decorate the tree, though this year it was mainly me.

White lights or coloured lights? 
For the tree, it has to be white light. I still love coloured lights at christmas, don't get me wrong! 

Would you rather live in a gingerbread house or Santas Workshop? 
Santa's workshop would be really fun, and I always think of Hansel and Gretel when I think of gingerbread houses, and they didn't have much fun haha. 

What are your Christmas Eve traditions? 
I don't think we have any particular traditions on Christmas Eve itself, now my brother and I are older we do all watch whatever film is on ITV in the evening (last year I think it was Skyfall) and relax. We don't go to church or have any fancy dinners, so Christmas Eve is a pretty relaxed day. Generally any visiting relatives arrive on Christmas Eve, which is always nice. I remember when we were younger my brother and I would always track Santa on Norad Tracker. 

Who do you want to kiss under the mistletoe? 
Ed Westwick, duh! Though I am currently watching skins and am developing a soft spot for Rich (3rd generation) 

What tops your tree? 
Usually it is a gold star, but we changed the theme of our tree this year from red and gold to white, so we had to change the tree topper. We could not find any angels, so we settled for a butterfly. I think it is unique...

Have you ever gone caroling? 
No, and we very rarely get carol singers. When I was younger they were a bit more frequent. I can't imagine openning your door to find a group of people singing carols to you! Isn't it awkward? 

How many days until Christmas? 
I think 11? Correct me if I'm wrong. 

What Christmas treats do you eat every year? 
Obviously all the chocolate selection boxes, usually Quality Streets. Cinamon swirls are always a thing, because I don't like mince pies so my mum makes cinamon swirls as well. 

How have you kept the Christmas magic alive as you have gotten older? 
I have just always loved Christmas, and I think the atmosphere and the spirit of Christmas makes me feel magical. 

There we are, I hope you enjoyed my answers! If you do this tag yourselves please let me know. I tag all of you, of course! 

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