PR and Contacting

PR- All contact details are listed below. I would be happy to converse with companies/brands (preferably via email) . Here are some of my blogs stats (as of August 2015)
Pageviews- Over 20,000
Followers- Around 140 (Bloglovin)
Twitter followers- Around 260
Audience- I have readers from America to Australia! Most of my readers are based in the UK, US or Ireland.

Emailing me will be one of the best ways to get a fast reply from me haha. You can email me for anything business related (I'm PR friendly)  , bloggy related (blog button swap, guest/collab post) or just a chit chat! I wont bite I promise haha.
   TWITTER- i will almost certainly reply to your tweet on the day you sent it,so please do follow me on twitter! @itsphoebejane. I would rather you emailed me about business/bloggy business related things. I am ALWAYS on twitter and love using it to socialise with other bloggers/readers and follow people/brands I love!                                                      

  INSTAGRAM-  I currently am not an active user, however check back soon and I should have an account!                        

COMMENTS- i will reply to every single comment, but it might take a a couple of days, so keep checking back for my reply! :)                                          
                                                                    FOLLOWING MY BLOG 

GFC - you can follow this blog on the right, by clicking Join This Site. Anyone with a google account can follow, would love to see more faces popping up there!

BLOGLOVIN - if you cannot follow this blog with GFC,do not have a blog or prefer Blog Lovin, follow Geek Chic Notes on Blog Lovin! I highly recommend you get bloglovin, it is for everyone (even if you do not blog) and is so easy (and free) to sign up! It keeps all the blogs you follow in one place so you never miss a post.



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